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Making Marketing Simple

Have you ever sold 100% of your grain production in the top third of the yearly price range? How much have you missed out on by not selling all of your production in the top third?

With decades of experience is here to help you do just that, without having to spend all the time and effort it requires to do so.

MARKET NEWS UPDATE's Market News Updates get straight to the point and keep you informed on today's markets. Blending technical and fundamental insight, is able to consistently predict the market movements, and produce profitable marketing decisions time and time again.


Seeing the struggle Clients continually have initiating sales near the seasonal highs, we realized changes were necessary. We adapted to our Client's needs by developing a simple visual aid - Target Zone Charts. We issue Target Zone Charts for Corn, Soybeans, And Wheat. Masters Marketing Group, LLC works to call the UPPER THIRD in grains up to 1 Year in advance! It's just that simple.

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