Target Zone Charts

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A Must Have For Any Producer

Seeing the struggle Clients continually have initiating sales near the seasonal highs, we realized changes were necessary. We adapted to our Client's needs by developing a simple visual aid - Target Zone Charts. Immediately after our fall harvest in 2009, we began "showing" our Clients through our innovative Target Zone Charts the price range where grains would peak in the coming year. They "got the picture" in a picture format.

Subscribers have told us Ag Masters' Target Zone Charts are a must have. Knowing up to a year in advance where Ag Masters projects the upper third of the seasonal price range for corn and soybeans, is a true asset for any producer. Just as important, the producer gets to see where Ag Masters projects the lower third of the seasonal price range. The lower third is also the level where livestock producers need to be locking in their feed needs for the next year.