Our History

247.ag's History

247.ag Marketing Group, LLC works to help you market your production in the upper third of the seasonal price range. We issue a weekly Market News Update that includes current sales recommendations. Our annual Target Zone Charts specifically illustrate our upper and lower third price forecast for the calendar next year. That is a price forecast that is issued up to a year in advance!


We provided our first projections for market highs in 2008. The actual 2008 high for soybeans arrived in the month we predicted and missed our predicted high by only 30-cents. 2008 Soybean Chart

247.ag continued to push hard to make sure our Clients held onto every bushel possible going into 2008.

We stated our highs for this bull move would come in 2008. Hold onto as much grain as possible. Every week 247.ag hammered home the same point; beg, borrow or steal to hold onto all grain you could going into 2008. 5-year Soybean Chart  5-year Corn Chart