For those of you may have interest.
Yesterday I met with the owner of Marketing Group. After taking him around the lake where I have my summer home, he took me out to dinner. It was an interest evening.
I remember the first time we met was at a church social, about 7-years ago. We ended up talking about grains. He advised me not to sell. I wasn’t even a Client. Grains moved sharply higher afterwards.
During dinner yesterday, I recounted a past event which I shall never forget. I was driving when Terry called, advising me I needed to sell my corn and soybeans. I told him that since I was headed in that direction, I would stop by the elevator and do so. He told me no. Stop driving and call them now. I pulled over and made the call. When I reached the elevator some 20 minutes later, the grain price had dropped 15-cents.
To busy to watch the markets all the time, I need someone who has my best interest at heart and had their finger on the pulse of the market. Their weekly market news updates are well worth the money. I would highly recommend anyone looking to become a better marketer or for anyone who wants a great marketing company working for their best interest, they need to contact They stay current on matters around the globe, especially weather. also has a good understanding of all the marketing tools we need to use. I have found they have a knack of turning a confusing situation into the obvious. Maybe most important, besides having an uncanny ability of anticipating future price trends, I am always able to reach them to answer my questions. In reverse, if important news comes out which could change the market trend, they have always called.
Of the farmers I know, almost everyone of them could use help marketing. I would not be hesitant about recommending to anyone. I’m looking forward to 2011. Terry wants me to hold all my grain till after harvest to see how poor this year’s crop really is. His advice on when to price my cash grain has consistently been a good call. He told me tonight he sees grain prices headed higher into next year. We just have to be patient. I guess I will see if he puts another feather in his hat with this call!