I’m not a subscriber to 247.ag, but I have heard the same radio ads that you did, I heard mine on KRVN in central Nebraska. I have been waiting for someone to mention him. Here’s what I know. I subscribed to his free month trial back in March, before the drought. He called me, and asked how many acres and bushels I had. He is a sharp guy. I didn’t sign up because at the time it was 1000.00 and most analyst are half that. He called me a couple times to visit and to ask me again. The last time he did he said I needed his services because this year would be the year to hang on to my corn. He told me “there is going to be the worst drought in history” Exact words. He also said “You won’t believe how hot its going to be” I didn’t sign up, and I sold my corn too early. Biggest mistake I made all year. I did have a gut feeling the guy was right about a drought, so I changed my see order to alot of beans, especially where we are short of irrigation water. If I had listened to this guy I would have another 75000.00 dollars. He is for real. I think the thousand dollars a year for the subscription was a discount and the regular price is about 2500. The last ad I heard sounded like he had all the clients he wanted and was not giving the discount anymore. I enjoyed his ads, my wife said if I had signed up it would have paid for our remodeling job on our house.